Connect. Collaborate. Transform.

Establishing strategic relationships based on the universal principal of codeswitching.

We are an Indigenous consultancy working collaboratively with business leaders, policymakers and key organisations to influence and sustain economic and social change in Indigenous communities and corporate companies across Australia.

Operating from a relational and transformational level, rather than a transactional level, we apply innovative ways of working collaboratively together to reduce complexity and add real value – saving money, resources and time for everyone involved. Using traditional management consulting infused with Indigenous knowledge and neuroscience, we have a fresh approach to creating long-term partnerships, frameworks and strategies achieve tangible results.

At Codeswitch, we do things differently.

At Codeswitch, we do things differently.

Yes, we agree with you …. collaboration is an over-used word, however, there are hundreds of examples where people have good intentions to work in collaboration with each other but fail to get it right. Everyone talks about collaboration, but few people have the specific capabilities to nail it!

Good news is that we have cracked that code for you and are proud to deliver a range of services in:

  • Indigenous Strategic Advisory;
  • Business Acceleration & Development Services;
  • Community Development & Social Impact; and
  • DIY Capability Workshops.
  • The Codeswitchers 101 Workshop is absolutley fantastic! This training was above and beyond our expectations. It has such a good underpinning of general Indigenous Affairs related knowledge but also gives practical tools to build that knowledge into the strategic and operational priorities for any company working in this space.  

    Manager, National Financial Services Company, 2017
  • Wow, as an fellow Aborignal business owner, I can tell you now that if you want to grow your business then you got to work with the team at Codeswitch. Not only do they know their stuff technically about how to grow solid, profitable businesses – they also know what it is like for us Aboriginal businesses and how to navigate the mindfield of government support services and corporate procurement channels.  

    Pilbara Aboriginal Business Owner, 2017
  • Our Board Members worked with Codeswitch to establish a baseline strategy for how we were going to support our Tradtional Owner members. They were able to take all the initatives and ideas and things we have been talking about for years and put that into a way that we all understood it but also made good business sense. Sustainabilty is a big thing for our mob so that is the basis of our strategic plan going forward to help with the health, education and culture of our people.” Kimberley Aborignal Corporation, 2017

    Kimberley Aborignal Corporation, 2017

Download our Capability Statement to see how we can work together to make good things happen.

Our Services

Indigenous Strategic Advisory

  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Indigenous Engagement Strategies
  • Indigenous Impact and Investment
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Policy Advisory, Development and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Business Acceleration & Development Services

  • Business Development – Growth Assessments, Business Plans, Strategic Plans
  • Copy-writing
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Process and Performance Improvements
  • Website Development and Design

Community Development And Social Impact

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • Reconciliation Action Plans and Initiatives
  • Socio-economic Impact Assessments
  • Sustainable Development Management
  • Tailored Facilitation’s and Workshops

Diy (Do-It-Yourself) Capability Workshops

  • Codeswitchers 101: Indigenous Impact Workshop
  • Codeswitchers 102: Impactful Leaders Workshop
  • Codeswitchers 103: Indigenous Development Workshop

Hogan Psychometric & Performance Testing

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Hogan Psychology Performance Testing – Personality Traits, Challenges and Development, Motives and Values Inventory
  • Hogan 360 Feedback Reports
  • Hogan Team Performance Reports

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